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Baby Shower Snapshots

April 16, 2012
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Back in February I helped host a baby shower for my very best friend. With the help of the “Grandmas to-be”, the Mother-to-be, and her sweet friend Rebecca, we planned and plotted for several months in advance, and used Pinterest to organize and find inspiration. My Bff and her husband decided not to find out their baby’s gender, they are waiting to be surprised! So the inspiration for the shower was elegant vintage with soft pastels and neutral shades.

The setting was The Duncan House in Tavares, Florida. When we walked in the house early on the morning of the shower to decorate, my jaw literally hit the ground. It is a fantastic colonial home on the lake and was the perfect location for the shower we had dreamed up.

I have to give shout-outs to two sweet friends, Amanda and Kristen. I put these two ladies to work helping me set up and clean up and they were super stars to say the least! Also to the Grandmothers-to-be, these ladies made the most delicious treats for the shower, and of course Rebecca, who made the best cake pops I think I have ever tasted!

Here are some snapshots of the shower taken on my phone and also some taken on Kristen’s iPad:

The beautiful Duncan House

My mom and I hand made these banners

We displayed the gifts in an old crib that was already stored at the Duncan house. We dressed it up with banners and balloons, and of course beautifully packaged presents!

Close up of more banners made by myself and my tallented mother. We used a combination of soft pastel patterned fabric and backed it with neutral khaki (duck cloth, for those who know what that is). We did the letters in a faded chocolate brown so they would stand out, but still be soft like the color palate.

Delicious desserts table

A close up of the oh so good desserts, which included Mindy’s favorite, her grandmother’s carrot cake.

Yummy food spread on vintage lace table cloths.

Drink station. We served cucumber mint water, lemonade, sweet and unsweet tea, and “Mommy’s Special Juice” which was a rum punch.

A snapshot of some of the flowers. I arranged tiny bud vases of some spring blooms and placed them in various locations around the house.

Guests could place a bet on wither the baby was going to be a Girl or Boy! Pink for girl and blue for boy of course!

We also had a “Create your own Onesie” station where guests could iron on decals to different size onesies for baby M.

Directions were key.

Beautiful Mom to be!

Me and Mindy. So excited for her little family!

It was such a fun weekend and I hope Mindy enjoyed the shower as much as I enjoyed helping plan for it! This post is a little late, as her bundle of joy arrived just last week! Can you guess if she had a boy or girl? I will tell you my guess was wrong!! Both mom and baby are doing great, by the way!



Local Tourist

April 13, 2012

One of my sweet cousins and her fiance visited recently for a quick weekend. They stayed with my parents, and B and I met up with them on a sunny Saturday afternoon as my parents were taking them on a tour of downtown.

Although we live just a few blocks away, and work so close to the capital, there is so much we still don’t get to see too often. Here are some pics I took as we toured the Old Florida Capital.

I appreciated it so much more now as an adult than I did on my fourth grade fieldtrip.

Top of the old building peaking through the trees

Voting controversy

Portraits of past Governors

Dolphin fountain infront of the (new) capital

Sunday Fun, and Home by Monday

February 10, 2012

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Because of all the fun we had Saturday night and into the wee hours of early Sunday morning, Sunday is relatively un-documented. Our adventure on the strip did include a trip to the Flamingo where we checked out some fun shops; Caesars Palace, where we spend a considerable amount of time outside by the pool par teaching a group of old men how to play flip cup; a ride on the monorail; shenanigans inside the Bellagio, a trip to Tiffany in the Bellagio where I made my last single girl jewelry purchase; and numerous stops for beverages along the way.

No sleep for this bride to be!

Inside some fun shops at the Flamingo

Outside Caesars Palace

Pool bar at Ceasars Palace

Outside Bellagio

We ordered a pizza and slept through the super bowl which was on that night, and got up and dressed and out the door just in time to miss the last fountain show at the Bellagio. After that, we walked the strip, admiring the bright lights and went to check out Paris, one of the hotels I really wanted to see that we hadn’t made it to yet. Their casino floor was gorgeous! We rode up to check out the wedding chapel, and then some girls were ready to call it a night.

Wedding Chappel inside Paris

We took the walk back to the New York, New York and while some of our crew headed upstairs for bed, a few of us savored our last night out by having cocktails at the bar in the casino, and even playing some casino games ourselves. This bachelorette won $200!

We once again stayed up till the sun rose and had breakfast in the hotel, then packed up our stuff and headed to catch our flight back home! Bloody Mary’s were definitely key in keeping us going till we were on the plane and could snooze on the way home.

Shuttle Back to the Airport, bloody mary in hand

It’s not a successful party without a rough looking picture to end the weekend, and here is mine! Sans makeup, going on my third day with no sleep, but so full from a fun weekend with the girls!

Train to the Airport Terminal

And that concludes my trip down memory lane to re-live our fabulous time in Vegas! Thanks for taking the trip with me!


One Year Ago: Queen of Hearts

February 9, 2012

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After stirring up trouble in the hotel piano bar, we headed up to our room to get changed and ready for the big night out.

The theme for this night was Queen of Hearts. I was instructed to wear a red dress, and all the girls wore black dresses with red and gold accessories. This was such a refreshing change to the hot pink and black that is so typical of bachelorette parties. Big props to my girls for doing something different, and something so Vegas!

And what’s a Bachelorette party without fun accessories for the bride? These girls took the theme to the max and gifted me with the most gorgeous sash I have ever seen! Also a crown, and a scepter that had queen of heart playing cards on it.

Accessories part one

Accessories part two

last but not least, the gorgeous bachelorette sash!

Officially a Vegas Bachelorette ready for a fun night out!

We had a champagne toast of course and took some pics at the hotel before jumping in a cab and taking off to our first stop of the night. We were unable to fit in a trip to the famous Vegas sign in the daylight, and thought it would have been fun to get our picture taken with the sign when we were dressed up for the biggest theme night.

Fabulous Vegas with Fabulous Friends

After we took group and individual pictures at the sign, we once again got in cabs and headed over to the Venetian. We were early for our dinner reservations, so we took some time and walked around the Venetian, taking in the sights in the shops and the lovely canal. The ceiling here was absolutely unbelievable; it really felt like you were outside!

Inside the Venetian

Canal inside the Venetian

strolling around the Venetian before dinner

We had dinner reservations at TAO, and had plans to go to the club upstairs at TAO after dinner. After seeing so many celebrities party here, I was so stoked to check it out.

Dinner at Tao

Happy Bachelorette 🙂

Some of the best friends a girl could ask for!

We got seated at a table that was near a main walkway in the restaurant, so we had many visitors stopping by with well wishes and offering to buy us drinks. Everyone thought their dinner was fantastic, and after we had cleaned our plates and polished off our wine glasses, we got banded and headed upstairs to the club!

Sign outside Tao

From the balcony at Tao

On the dance floor at Tao

I’ll be honest here; there are very few pictures of the rest of our night. Partly because our group got separated at one point, and partly because we were having too much fun to stop and take pictures! Here are a few that I thought I would share though. One from the Chandelier bar inside the Cosmopolitan, another of part of our group outside by the pools at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan, and the last picture is a little glimpse at the skyline that surrounded us while we had cocktails outside by the pools at Marquee.

Chandelier bar inside the Cosmopolitan

Outside by the pools at Marquee

View from the Pools at Marquee

Next up: Sunday Funday!


Snapshots from St. Augustine

February 8, 2012

I spent last weekend with a fun group of ladies celebrating one of our dear friends and her upcoming marriage. Here are a few pics I snapped with my phone. Our agenda included shopping at the outlets, dinner at the Columbia, and live music and bachelorette shenanigans at the town Tavern.

Mojitos made fresh tableside

Cheers to the weekend!

Famous 1905 salad also made fresh tableside

The bride and her bridesmaids ready for a fun night out!

What did you do last weekend?


One Year Ago: Saturday Exploring… and a Show at the Hotel Piano Bar

February 7, 2012

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Not gonna lie… it was really hard to get going on Saturday! Three of the girls got up and dressed and out the door to experience the sights and sounds of the strip, while the other four of us dragged through getting showered and dressed, reluctant to move too quickly. We finally got all ready and our group met up at the PBR Rock Bar and Grill in the Hard Rock Casino. This place was super fun!

Some views along our walk to meet for lunch:

View of the Strip from the bridge that connected our hotel to the MGM across the street

the Monte Carlo


We enjoyed a great lunch and some brewskis at the PBR Bar and Grill

Lunch at PBR Bar and Grill

In true bachelorette fashion, we caused a bit of a ruckus in the restaurant… let’s just say someone danced on our table to get free drinks (and it wasn’t me!) and while attention was drawn to our rowdy table, a group of guys who were part of a bachelor party approached us and asked if we could help cross some items off of the Groom’s list of dares

On the list: a kiss from a bride. Check!

Also on the list, switch shirts with a girl! I would not have done this had I not already been wearing two shirts, just for the record

Switched! LOL!

Last thing before we left PBR, the Bride had to ride the bull!

Riding the Bull

We left the Hard Rock, and knew that with seven girls all trying to get ready, and a firm dinner reservation that we could not miss, we didn’t have much time to keep going further down the strip, so we started back towards NY, NY. We stopped at the MGM to see the lions, got a frozen cocktail from the Rainforest Cafe, and then most of the girl headed up to the room to take showers and get dressed for that evening.

Lions at MGM

These three monkeys, however, stayed around the hotel casino and to no surprise, found themselves in one of the hotel bars which was a piano bar.

tripple trouble

And you know they called me out and up onto the piano I went to get serenaded by the men in the room.

Singing, what else... Bring Back that Lovin' Feeling

Next Up: the Queen of Hearts!


One Year Ago: Champagne and Sequins

February 6, 2012

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We arrived at our gorgeous hotel, the New York, New York right as the sun was setting that Friday evening.

New York, New York in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

We checked in to our adjoining suites (which were very nice and very spacious, perfect for seven girls!) and got settled in opening suitcases and discussing the plans for that evening.

first look at the hotel casino

We all started getting ready to go to dinner and out on the town. Amy made it in and joined us just in time! We ordered a bottle of champagne to the room, and toasted to the weekend ahead of us!

Champagne Toast

The theme for Friday night was sparkles/sequins! Everyone wore something sparkly, in honor of our first night in Vegas, of course!

We caught a ride down to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a late dinner at the Pink Taco. The food here was ok, but to be honest I had my hopes set higher. Their margaritas were not as good as the airport Chili’s that we had earlier in the day. The atmosphere was fun though.

at dinner Friday night

outside Pink Taco at the Hard Rock

As we were leaving, and it seemed like this was the case in most of the casinos, there were promoters everywhere wanting to wristband you to get in free to various clubs. It was really sketchy at first and I was not sure about talking to some of these people, but we tried it out and went a few floors up in the Hard Rock to some club that I can’t remember the name of. Their deal was free champagne for a certain amount of time, but when our party arrived it was not very crowded, and we quickly downed our glasses and decided to move on.

Lucky for us, my bridesmaid Amanda just happened to have a friend who lived in Vegas. Since he was familiar with the clubs and knew some people that worked in club promotions, we got the major hook up. After we left the Hard Rock we went over to the Wynn and got whisked into TRYST VIP style. 🙂

Walking into the Wynn

passing long lines, straight up VIP

I must say it was really nice to pass lines of people and walk straight in. TRYST was probably my favorite spot. There was a gorgeous waterfall that was the backdrop to the dance floor, and the general vibe of the club was just really fun.

picture someone later found on the club website


We spent most of our time here, since everyone was having a good time! Not gonna lie, there were some shananigans going on in here… but we will just leave it at that! Let’s just say these monkeys know how to have a good time!

Fun at Tryst!

Late into the evening, we piled back into cabs and headed back to the NY, NY. Some of us who were still left standing wandered around the hotel and casino before finally calling it a night and returning to the room to get some sleep for the next day.

Next up: Saturday exploring!