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Another Royal Wedding…

November 17, 2011

Another royal wedding will take place tonight at midnight, and I for one can’t wait! Yes, call me obsessed or whatever… (although I am far from obsessed compared to some of the fan base) I am a fan of the book series, and I will be in the theatre tonight with some girlfriends at midnight to watch Bella and Edward tie the knot!

We saw the second movie in the series, New Moon, at midnight on the release date, and decided that for the third movie, we would wait a few weekends instead of staying up so late to watch it. (We are getting older and midnight premiers are hard when you have to go to a big girl job the next morning.) Well, boy was waiting a mistake! So many details and so much of the movie was already out circulating by the time we finally got in to see it, we decided right then that we would have to be some of the first to see Breaking Dawn in order to experience the element of surprise with this long-awaited wedding.

My girlfriends and I are starting out our evening at a local Italian restaurant, Bella Bella (so perfect, right?) and enjoying some dinner and drinks before heading to the theatre to brave the masses of young girls whose parents are letting them stay out past their bedtime. LOL! I’ve got the soundtrack on my iPod on repeat today. I’ve got to say that I am loving Christina Perri’s song, A Thousand Years, I think it’s my favorite track.

I can’t wait to finally get a full glimpse at Bella’s wedding dress! And the peaks we’ve gotten at the ceremony… breathtaking!!

Are you a Twilight fan like me? Are you anxiously waiting to see the movie, or are you going to try to see it sometime this weekend? What are you most looking forward to?

I know my friend Tabitha can’t wait to see the “feather” scene 🙂


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