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One Year Ago: Bridal Shower

February 3, 2012

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Last January, my bridesmaids, led by my super sweet and super creative Maid of Honor planned a bridal shower tea in my honor. It was the most beautiful shower I have ever attended!

Bride and Bridesmaids at my Bridal Tea

It was held at my bridesmaid Karah’s home. The girls served several kinds of tea along with traditional tea time snacks like finger sandwiches, baked brie, fruit, cakes, and my favorite sweet treat, petit fours! They decorated the room with beautiful roses, feathers, lace and silver. Everyone was asked to wear their “tea time finest”, so many guests showed up in fun hats, including me and my bridal party! It was so much fun!

gorgeous table with delicious snacks

cute bistro tables decorated with lace, silver, flowers and tea accessories, and our wedding invitations

ribbon bouquet to use at the rehearsal

My sorority sisters who traveled to attend my shower <>

Bridal party plus sweet Kaitlyn, our flower girl

Since many of my girlfriends had traveled from out of town to attend the shower and were spending the night at my house, the girls planned another fun event for later that evening, a lingerie shower! After the shower bridal shower, we headed back in to town to change clothes and get dolled up for a fun evening!

Me and my sweet little Susan on the way to the Wine Loft

We started out at the Wine Loft in midtown, where we had a private section curtained off so we could sip wine, snack on some tapas and have fun oohing and ahhing over the lacey and racey gifts 🙂

at the Wine Loft in Midtown

As I was getting towards the end of opening presents, there was one more fun game the girls had planned for me. It was a series of bags to open that contained clues, and putting them all together was going to tell me where we were going for the bachelorette party!

I have to admit I was a bit nervous when I pulled out a feathered boa and a stuffed pink flamingo, but then I opened a pack of dice, a chocolate rose, and a mint tin that had the Vegas sign on it and my name… WE’RE GOING TO VEGAS, BABY!!!!

Surprise face!

I was so surprised and so excited!

My Matron of Honor passed out the cutest itinerary brocure she had made for the weekend, outlining our travel plans, where we were staying and what activities she had planned for the weekend. The theme for the weekend was “Queen of Hearts,” (hence the flamingo). I had a permanent grin on my face and couldn’t believe that the girls had pulled this together just for me!!

We finished up our wine and then headed to our next spot for the night, the rooftop bar, Level 8, at Hotel Duval downtown.

snuggled up in zebra blankets

We had a section of couches on the balcony reserved, and even though it was a little chilly that evening, we popped champagne, enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries and a cheese and crackers tray, and snuggled up under zebra print blankets that the hotel had provided for us.

The whole crew popping bottles of bubbly at Level 8

Sus and me with my special bride's martini, complements of Level 8

We toasted to the weekend, to great friends, and to the fabulous trip that at the time was just three weeks away!!

Next up: Bachelorette Party, Day 1! the plane ride and our first night out!


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