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One Year Ago: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

February 4, 2012

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We started the weekend on a rainy Friday morning at my house. My bridesmaid Amanda drove over from Pensacola and met up with Tab and myself and we drove a few hours east to catch our direct flight at the Jacksonville International Airport.

In the car, ready to go! Yes, it was rainy outside so my hair was up!

Amanda was the back seat DJ!

We met up with Morgan and Mindy in the airport parking lot, and took the shuttle up to the airport to get checked in.

Morgan hitchin' a ride to the airport!

Mindy ready to get this show on the road!

After getting checked in for our flight, we had some time to kill, so we found the closest airport restaurant and sat down for lunch. Of course we picked Chili’s, we had to have a round of margaritas to kick off the weekend right!

Pre-flight lunch and Margaritas at the airport


Best way to start the weekend!

While we were enjoying ‘ritas at Chili’s, Kristin met us. She had taken a short flight from Tampa to Jacksonville, and was flying with us from Jax to Vegas. There was only one member of our party missing now, Amy was flying directly from Orlando to Vegas, and would meet us at our hotel later Friday evening.

at the airport waiting to board our flight

The flight was so fun! All the people on our flight were really nice and everyone was excited since, hello, we were all about to be in Vegas! Most were going to gamble of course, but there was so much excitement in the air, you could just feel it! Our group couldn’t all sit together, we had to split in half so Tab, Amanda and myself sat close to the middle of the plane. This was Tab’s first flight! So we let her sit by the window. We were three chatterboxes the entire way. The other three monkeys, Morgan, Mindy and Kristin sat in the back of the plane causing trouble of course 🙂

Grand Canyon out the window of the plane

We all had a cocktail or two during the flight and at some point the girls in the back convinced one of the airline steward to make an announcement that it was my bachelorette party. He also made me a crown out of peanut bags, toothpicks and toilet paper for the veil! Haha! I wore that thing the rest of the afternoon till we checked into the hotel.

my flight-mates and our fun attendant who made my party crown

Monkeys in the back of the plane!

homegirl's first flight! Picture with the Pilot

Party in the cockpit!

We landed in Vegas, thought seriously about splurging to get a limo to take us to the hotel, tried to talk another group of guys into splitting one with us, found out amongst the six of us we had too much luggage to fit in the limo, got asked to split a party bus with a sketchy looking group of guys, decided against it and just went with a regular taxi van to take us to the hotel from the airport.

Vegas Baby

Sin City

landed, luggage on shuttle, now take us to NY, NY!

Next up… our hotel, the New York, New York, and our first night out on the strip!


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