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One Year Ago: Champagne and Sequins

February 6, 2012

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We arrived at our gorgeous hotel, the New York, New York right as the sun was setting that Friday evening.

New York, New York in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

We checked in to our adjoining suites (which were very nice and very spacious, perfect for seven girls!) and got settled in opening suitcases and discussing the plans for that evening.

first look at the hotel casino

We all started getting ready to go to dinner and out on the town. Amy made it in and joined us just in time! We ordered a bottle of champagne to the room, and toasted to the weekend ahead of us!

Champagne Toast

The theme for Friday night was sparkles/sequins! Everyone wore something sparkly, in honor of our first night in Vegas, of course!

We caught a ride down to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a late dinner at the Pink Taco. The food here was ok, but to be honest I had my hopes set higher. Their margaritas were not as good as the airport Chili’s that we had earlier in the day. The atmosphere was fun though.

at dinner Friday night

outside Pink Taco at the Hard Rock

As we were leaving, and it seemed like this was the case in most of the casinos, there were promoters everywhere wanting to wristband you to get in free to various clubs. It was really sketchy at first and I was not sure about talking to some of these people, but we tried it out and went a few floors up in the Hard Rock to some club that I can’t remember the name of. Their deal was free champagne for a certain amount of time, but when our party arrived it was not very crowded, and we quickly downed our glasses and decided to move on.

Lucky for us, my bridesmaid Amanda just happened to have a friend who lived in Vegas. Since he was familiar with the clubs and knew some people that worked in club promotions, we got the major hook up. After we left the Hard Rock we went over to the Wynn and got whisked into TRYST VIP style. 🙂

Walking into the Wynn

passing long lines, straight up VIP

I must say it was really nice to pass lines of people and walk straight in. TRYST was probably my favorite spot. There was a gorgeous waterfall that was the backdrop to the dance floor, and the general vibe of the club was just really fun.

picture someone later found on the club website


We spent most of our time here, since everyone was having a good time! Not gonna lie, there were some shananigans going on in here… but we will just leave it at that! Let’s just say these monkeys know how to have a good time!

Fun at Tryst!

Late into the evening, we piled back into cabs and headed back to the NY, NY. Some of us who were still left standing wandered around the hotel and casino before finally calling it a night and returning to the room to get some sleep for the next day.

Next up: Saturday exploring!


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