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One Year Ago: Saturday Exploring… and a Show at the Hotel Piano Bar

February 7, 2012

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Not gonna lie… it was really hard to get going on Saturday! Three of the girls got up and dressed and out the door to experience the sights and sounds of the strip, while the other four of us dragged through getting showered and dressed, reluctant to move too quickly. We finally got all ready and our group met up at the PBR Rock Bar and Grill in the Hard Rock Casino. This place was super fun!

Some views along our walk to meet for lunch:

View of the Strip from the bridge that connected our hotel to the MGM across the street

the Monte Carlo


We enjoyed a great lunch and some brewskis at the PBR Bar and Grill

Lunch at PBR Bar and Grill

In true bachelorette fashion, we caused a bit of a ruckus in the restaurant… let’s just say someone danced on our table to get free drinks (and it wasn’t me!) and while attention was drawn to our rowdy table, a group of guys who were part of a bachelor party approached us and asked if we could help cross some items off of the Groom’s list of dares

On the list: a kiss from a bride. Check!

Also on the list, switch shirts with a girl! I would not have done this had I not already been wearing two shirts, just for the record

Switched! LOL!

Last thing before we left PBR, the Bride had to ride the bull!

Riding the Bull

We left the Hard Rock, and knew that with seven girls all trying to get ready, and a firm dinner reservation that we could not miss, we didn’t have much time to keep going further down the strip, so we started back towards NY, NY. We stopped at the MGM to see the lions, got a frozen cocktail from the Rainforest Cafe, and then most of the girl headed up to the room to take showers and get dressed for that evening.

Lions at MGM

These three monkeys, however, stayed around the hotel casino and to no surprise, found themselves in one of the hotel bars which was a piano bar.

tripple trouble

And you know they called me out and up onto the piano I went to get serenaded by the men in the room.

Singing, what else... Bring Back that Lovin' Feeling

Next Up: the Queen of Hearts!


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