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Baby Shower Snapshots

April 16, 2012
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Back in February I helped host a baby shower for my very best friend. With the help of the “Grandmas to-be”, the Mother-to-be, and her sweet friend Rebecca, we planned and plotted for several months in advance, and used Pinterest to organize and find inspiration. My Bff and her husband decided not to find out their baby’s gender, they are waiting to be surprised! So the inspiration for the shower was elegant vintage with soft pastels and neutral shades.

The setting was The Duncan House in Tavares, Florida. When we walked in the house early on the morning of the shower to decorate, my jaw literally hit the ground. It is a fantastic colonial home on the lake and was the perfect location for the shower we had dreamed up.

I have to give shout-outs to two sweet friends, Amanda and Kristen. I put these two ladies to work helping me set up and clean up and they were super stars to say the least! Also to the Grandmothers-to-be, these ladies made the most delicious treats for the shower, and of course Rebecca, who made the best cake pops I think I have ever tasted!

Here are some snapshots of the shower taken on my phone and also some taken on Kristen’s iPad:

The beautiful Duncan House

My mom and I hand made these banners

We displayed the gifts in an old crib that was already stored at the Duncan house. We dressed it up with banners and balloons, and of course beautifully packaged presents!

Close up of more banners made by myself and my tallented mother. We used a combination of soft pastel patterned fabric and backed it with neutral khaki (duck cloth, for those who know what that is). We did the letters in a faded chocolate brown so they would stand out, but still be soft like the color palate.

Delicious desserts table

A close up of the oh so good desserts, which included Mindy’s favorite, her grandmother’s carrot cake.

Yummy food spread on vintage lace table cloths.

Drink station. We served cucumber mint water, lemonade, sweet and unsweet tea, and “Mommy’s Special Juice” which was a rum punch.

A snapshot of some of the flowers. I arranged tiny bud vases of some spring blooms and placed them in various locations around the house.

Guests could place a bet on wither the baby was going to be a Girl or Boy! Pink for girl and blue for boy of course!

We also had a “Create your own Onesie” station where guests could iron on decals to different size onesies for baby M.

Directions were key.

Beautiful Mom to be!

Me and Mindy. So excited for her little family!

It was such a fun weekend and I hope Mindy enjoyed the shower as much as I enjoyed helping plan for it! This post is a little late, as her bundle of joy arrived just last week! Can you guess if she had a boy or girl? I will tell you my guess was wrong!! Both mom and baby are doing great, by the way!


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